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EGEA ABOGADOS provides advice and assistance to our mortgage industry clients and represents their interests in a wide range of transactions and legal proceedings, complex litigation matters and other dispute resolution areas.

We have extensive and successful experience in foreclosure proceedings, assisting homeowners who face the risk of being removed from their homes. Our Civil Law Department reviews the mortgage documentation and the lender's civil action and advises and represents our clients pre trial, during negotiation as well as during the court hearing, trial and the actual eviction procedure.

Our legal team has participated in many negotiation processes with lenders and financial institutions to avoid foreclosure and eviction actions.

The European Court of Human Right's Decision of March 14th 2013 had a serious impact in our legislation, and the Spanish Mortgage Law has been modified accordingly (Ley 1/2013, de 14 de mayo, de medidas para reforzar la protección a los deudores hipotecarios, reestructuración de deuda y alquiler social).

New options are now available for clients who are threatened with an eviciton procedure. We provide a personalized assistance to evaluate each case, given the severity of the consequence of these actions.

The Court of Justice of the European Union is in Luxembourg.

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