La Mañana March 23rd 2014

Mr. Eugenio Egea Cristófol analizes the new Andorran legal frame during the Conference "Business Oportunities in Andorra" at the Cercle d´Economia de Lleida


Cercle d´Economia de Lleida February 27th 2014

Conference about the Automotive Sector in Spain and Catalonia. Intruduction by Mr. Eugenio Egea Cristófol

Cercle d´Economia de Lleida's review


Fordham University July 2013

Mr. Eugenio Egea Gaeta gives a lecture on Online Brand Protection


EGEA LAWYERS launches the Colombian desk July 2013. New Firm service consisting of providing advice and asssistance in product introduction in Pacific Alliance country members.

The Pacific Alliance


La Mañana Televisión May 28th 2012

Interview Mr. Eugenio Egea Cristófol during the morning show "IGUAL" in Lleida TV


La Vanguardia June 13th 2011

Mr. Eugenio Egea Gaeta identifies modifications in pro bono system


El Punt Avui October 3rd 2010

Mr. Eugenio Egea Gaeta Barcelona at the Court House in an article written about pro bono assistance


Ateneu Popular de Ponent of Lleida. March 25th 2010

Mr. Eugenio Egea Cristófol analizes the different views of the city and society of Lleida


Expoempresa Feria de Lleida February 13th 2009

Mr. Eugenio Egea Cristófol introducing the Conference "The stock market during recession". Speaker Mr. Angel Buñesch Navarro


European Center of Enterprises and Innovation of Lleida November 6th 2008

Mr. Eugenio Egea Cristófol introducing the Workshops on Marketing and Advertising.


La Vanguardia July 18th 2006

Mr. Eugenio Egea Gaeta's interview on pro bono legal assistance


El País August 1st 2006

Demonstration for the amendment of pro bono legal assistance system


University of Barcelona September 27th 2006

University of Barcelona Award to Professor Eugenio Egea Cristófol


Cercle d´Economia de Lleida November 28th 2005

Real Club Deportivo Español de Barcelona Private Foundation

Mr.  Eugenio Egea Cristófol. Introducting the Fundación en Acción at the Cercle d´Economia de Lleida


Lleida University March 2001

XII University-Enterprise Workshops. Participation of Corporate Law Professor Eugenio Egea Cristófol


General Council of the Judiciary. Agreement of the Permanent Commission July 8th 1997

Appointment of Mr. Eugenio Egea Cristófol as substitute judge of the Sabadell Court of Justice (Barcelona)


La Vanguardia September 8th 1993

Mr. Eugenio Egea Gaeta's opinion on Income Tax


La Vanguardia May 24th 1993

Letter to the editor in regard to territorial waters and sovereignty

La Vanguardia June 10th 1989

Barcelona Marketing Club. 1988 Marketing leaders. Mr. Eugenio Egea Cristófol, Awards Jury member. May 23rd 1989


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