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EGEA ABOGADOS was founded in 1972, in Barcelona and Lérida, by University of Barcelona Professor Eugenio Egea Cristófol (In Memoriam). The Firm has developed its specialization providing legal services in different areas of the Law, to institutions, companies and individuals.

EGEA ABOGADOS has increased the areas of practice in accordance to the market, recruiting experienced lawyers and attorneys. The Firm represents clients in each Court of Justice in Spain, including the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court.

In 2013, and attending to a significant increase in product internationalization cases, the Firm expanded overseas, and it now has presence in New York City, from where we are able to provide legal assistance to clients and companies who wish to introduce their products in the US and Latin American markets. The Firm becomes also a strategic gate for American investors, franchises and companies who wish to invest in Spain.




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